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Fic -- Rogue Drabbles II
happy Roscoe
Title: Rogue Drabbles II
Rating: PG
Word Count: 728
Characters: Roscoe Dillon, Lisa Snart, Axel Walker, Owen Mercer.
Summary: Four Rogue drabbles for fun. More to come.
Warnings: A bit of profanity.

Crazy. Unpredictable. Asshole.

Roscoe knows what is said about him. It wounds his pride -- he is a man of sophistication and brains, after all -- but the opportunity to correct people’s opinions has long since passed. They will think what they wish, and he will crush them for it. The labels which follow him have become weapons in his one-man war against the world, because few people want to cross a crazy asshole. They usually stay out of his way, and often underestimate his mental faculties, which suits his purposes just fine.

But he regrets having fallen out so badly with the Rogues. They were his friends and family, but don’t seem to want him around much anymore, and it…hurts. He will never admit it, however, and has decided to bring them back to him by any means necessary, even by force or mind control. It won’t feel the same, but maybe things will be better when he’s with them again. Or so he hopes. He doesn’t know what he’ll do if it doesn’t help.


Lisa is always running from her past. From a father who beat her, a background which branded her as “trailer trash”, and a criminal brother who loves her but could taint her reputation. She has a new life now, as a celebrated star athlete and the focus of an adoring crowd. People treat her with respect for the first time ever, even asking for her autograph and to pose for photos, and she loves it.

She loves her new boyfriend too, who is also her coach and helped her achieve these glorious heights. But then he suddenly dies, leaving her stricken with grief and angry at the man she blames for his death. Now she’s running again, but it’s away from the life of a celebrated champion, away from everything she’s worked for. She’s running towards confrontation and revenge, and Barry Allen will suffer for what he took from her.


Axel hadn’t wanted to acquire a father figure, as he’d seen enough of his own dad to last a lifetime. But he’d been watching James Jesse for weeks to learn the location of the Trickster’s stash, and found himself wanting to talk to the man. Even if he was just a creaky old dinosaur, the guy surely had a lot to teach him, or at least some amazing stories to tell. There must have been a dozen moments when Axel dearly wanted to call out to him or strike up a conversation, but he chickened out each time. He told himself it was for the best; who wanted to get saddled with the company of a nagging geezer, especially one who might blow him off or tell him to stay in school?

So he never spoke to James, and was ultimately able to successfully raid his stash. He even found some father figures amongst the Rogues. But he never stopped wondering what life might have been like if he’d had a chance to learn from the best.


All Owen had ever wanted was to know his biological family, and it was cruelly ripped away from him after only a few weeks. He supposed it was better to have loved and lost than not loved at all, but he couldn’t help feeling angry at God for it…and maybe a little bit angry at his dad too. How could he have been so careless after reconnecting with his newfound son?

Digger had been broke and didn’t leave him any money, but did bequeath the world’s most impressive collection of boomerangs. Owen had cried and then laughed when he saw it, because it was so very Digger. Money would have been more welcome (where was he going to store all those things?), but the more Owen thought about it, the more pleased he was with his father’s gift. Digger could have given his weapons to the Rogues, but he chose to give them to the son he’d only just met. And the inheritance was more than just a collection of artifacts: it was the passing of a mantle, a way to carve his path in the world. His dad was offering his blessing for Owen to become the new Captain Boomerang, and giving him a head start in the business.

It was a wonderful legacy. And Owen appreciated what his father had done for him.

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These are always fun. I've never been very good at drabbles as I get to wound up around the plot, but these are nice little glances at the characters with interesting slices of life. I love that you did an Owen one! Yay! I miss him *pout*

We all miss Owen :( Yeah, I've been trying to write drabbles about characters I don't typically write, with only some success (Mark just doesn't want to give me any inspiration, I guess). There are a few I wrote last month that I've been sitting on, but my writing right now is kinda blah. I wrote a short angsty fic the other day while feeling down, and will probably post it here eventually. Still haven't decided if I want to post it at AO3, though.

Thank you very much for reading, and I'm glad you enjoyed them :)

It can be very difficult to write about other characters you may not be as inspired to write about. Blah? Why do you think that? As for Mark, you might be able to tap into his angst about his son? Angst makes for good fics :P As for AO3, why not? I look forward to reading it either way :)

Everything I'm doing these days -- apart from that one angsty fic -- has been like pulling teeth. Very slow going, and I'm not feeling inspired to do much. I *want* to write, but not much is happening. That's why I said "blah" :>

I don't post everything at AO3, and I might not post it there because a particular person may read it (and said person might not like it). I dunno, we'll see.

I'm of the mindset of screw that other person :/ Who cares if they don't like it. Others that are not them will miss out (even if they aren't nice enough to leave a comment like most readers :(

I understand that kind of blah to well *hugs* I hope it gets better soon

Ah, I might feel that way if people there actually read my stuff, but not many do :> So it doesn't matter much anyway.

Thank you -- it's tough but I'm trying to break out of it!

You would be surprised how many people read and like work but never take the time to comment :/ I have had many 'faves' or 'followers' without them ever leaving a comment. People are really just selfish and lazy. Do you post to If not, you should, I am sure you'd get more folks reading your stuff there.

I have a verrrrry old account at, with one story that I posted 11 years ago. In all that time, the only comment it ever received was from a troll making fun of me for getting no comments :P I'm skeptical my stuff would get much interest there either. Wish I knew what the reason for that was.

Honestly it really depends on the crowd. I've had stuff that I thought was some of my best works never get a comment, and I've had other stuff I thought was mediocre at best, and people seemed to really love it *shrugs* People are weird. But, that being said, you should post there as you'll likely find more folks into your writing than here just because it's specifically set up for fanfics

Well, Archive of Our Own is also specifically for fic, and my stuff doesn't get much interest there either. I think I have to accept that people aren't really keen on my work even at fic-centric sites.

It is true that I often can't predict what people will like/dislike. Happens all the time on my Rogues blog, and sometimes with fic. I mean, there's stuff that will obviously always appeal, like Piper/Trickster things, but sometimes it's difficult to predict.

I think both of our problems are mostly related to 'who' we are writing about rather than the writing itself... we just like the not overly loved characters LOL! But that's okay, someone has to love them right? ;)

Pretty much :) Speaking of which, Chris Sims is STILL complaining about us telling him in 2009 that we like Golden Glider :> Dude needs to get over it, he brings it up like twice a year.

Anyway, I was kinda upset the other day when I stumbled across the Rogues fic of a certain someone (this would be that fanfic writer I don't like) at Archive of Our Own the other day. In two days her Rogues fic had about as many views as my most recent Rogues fic got in two months. Jeez....

He is still jawing about that? Wow, that's pretty sad oO

I have been surprised reading some of the dribble that is just horrible writing with incomprehensible plot that has a lot of comments and faves, and I just have to wonder if half the world is just illiterate....

I know, right? Dude must have been really amazed or really bothered by what we said. The last time I talked to him he said the best thing done with Lisa was killing her :P

I do think literacy and basic grammar skills have been decreasing recently. I've always seen unnecessary apostrophes around and misspellings of they're-there-their, but now they're EVERYWHERE.

If that's what he had to say, it sounds like he's just a super douche bag looking to rile us up *eye roll*

The grammar bothers me especially when it makes it almost impossible to stay in the story, but what bothers me more is the total out of character writing I see on SO many of these fanfics where other readers are all "yay! This is great! Can't wait to hear more!" When the story is totally out of place in the universe or wholly contrived dribble that makes no sense for the fandom especially considering character reactions to each other. I don't know, it's just one of my pet peeves...

Yeah, I think he's mostly trolling. Any idiot can do that, TBH.

It's very frustrating when I see people who don't write very well getting far more interest than I do -- I'm talking about the fics that are full of typos and grammatical errors and terribly OOC. Makes me wonder if something's wrong with me and my writing :\

On a semi-related note, my Rogues Bang fic from last year has the fewest views of all of them by a huge margin (I'm not saying it was the best because it wasn't, but I do think it was better than several of them).

Yes, he's a total troll. Took the words right out of my mouth ;)

THIS! I used to think that as well, but honestly, I think it's more that the majority of the populace just isn't that bright, so when you write something that actually takes the time to make the reader have to 'think' the average populace gets the deer in headlights look and moves on because they just simply can't be bothered to delve a little deeper to get the story on the same level you are writing it.
if that makes any sense... or maybe I'm just being a writer snob ;)

Length... as sad as it is to say, a lot of readers see a hefty word count and turn the other direction because they want a 'quick fix' when it comes to their stories... that goes back to the depth bit :/

I've seen some high-quality and intelligent work become popular, so I don't know. I don't know what to think, I'm at a loss. Maybe I'm in that sad middle ground between 'excellent writer' and 'shitty writer who panders to the audience'.

Yeah, but all the fics were over 10,000 words. At least one was significantly longer than mine. So it wasn't length that was the issue in this case.

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