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Fic -- HBIC
Title: HBIC
Rating: R
Word Count: 420
Characters: Golden Glider/Top
Summary: Somebody has to exert a little discipline around here...
Warnings: Spanking
Notes: Belated birthday gift for spankingfemme (whew, finally caught up from last year!). Incidentally, "HBIC" is an Internet acronym meaning "Head Bitch In Charge". Oh, the things you pick up from kids on Tumblr...

The steady drip-drip of the leaking sink has now become a more worrisome stream, and Lisa bites her lip.
“Roscoe!” she shouts as she empties the bucket and places it back under the drainpipe. “You need to fix the sink now!”
There is no answer, so she huffs and stomps over to his workshop, where he’s intently welding one of his infernal devices.
“Roscoe! The sink! Remember the leaky sink? You said you would fix it!”
He studiously ignores her, continuing to weld.
“It’s leaking more than ever, Roscoe, so go fix it.”
“I’m busy.”
“Put down that crap for a minute and fix it before the bucket spills all over the floor!” she orders him, now really starting to get angry, but he’s as calm as ever.
“I’m busy. I will get to it in an hour, Lisa; please go away and let me finish.”

Well, that is the last straw. Lisa strides over to his chair and pulls him to his feet. He blinks with surprise and irritation at her as she maintains a firm grip on his arm.
“I beg your pardon..!” he sputters indignantly, more startled than angry, and that was probably the wrong thing to say.
“That’s not all you’ll beg for,” she declares with a smirk, and slaps his ass with all her strength. The look on his face is priceless, so she swats his butt again.
“What..?” is all he manages to yelp before she spanks him a third time.
“When I tell you to do something, you’ll do it! Without any backtalk!” she says firmly as she continues spanking him, and is gratified to see his body language shift. He’s actually submitting to her, whether out of intimidation or surprise or deciding he likes it. But she definitely likes it.

“Are you going to do what I told you?” she demands, her hand pausing in the air, and he nods meekly. The next blow is harder.
“Answer me.”
“Yes, I’ll do it. Right away.”
“Good boy.”
She spanks him a few more times for good measure, pleased by his obvious wincing. Then she releases his arm and gives him a gentle shove.
“Go fix the sink,” she tells him, and he obediently slinks away. However, the kitchen’s not far off and she knows he can hear her.
“And when you’re done in there, you’ll report back to me for more discipline. I think you might need further instruction.”
At first there’s no reply, but soon she hears a low chuckle. “Yes ma’am.”

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Too cute! LOL! I loves it! =D You see I couldn't hold out! LOL! XD Thank you so much my sweet! *snuggles you tight!* ;)

Glad you like it! I hope it's what you wanted...

If it isn't what you want, I can attempt that for THIS year's birthday ^_^

Oh I did love it my dear ;) That fact you took time to write me anything is very awesome of you! But, if you wish to write more for me for my upcoming birthday, more spanking fic is always up my alley LOL! XD

I will say I feed more off the emotional aspect of a spanking than the physical act. I like a spanking to be cathartic by the end since it's a huge mental release for me. I know, I'm a weirdo right? It's hard to get it if you're not into spanking I've found.

Jason and I were discussing your last fic update based off your RPG world, and I've been a very bad girl fantasizing on it! LOL! XD I see a LOT of potential to play with the wonderful emotional roller coaster you created, and Jason even offered to write down my plot *blush* I hadn't had a chance to respond to your generous offer to let me play with you versions of the Rogues! I look forward to your opinion of the story once we get it written as well ;)

I'll do what I can :)

Not weird, sure it's different, but nothing wrong with that :) But yeah, I guess I don't fully understand. I know you're busy at the moment so there's no hurry (got other fics to work on already), but if you wouldn't mind explaining a little bit then maybe I can make the next fic more to your liking.

Great, I look forward to seeing it! :D

I think Roscoe hides a lot of what he feels behind his ego I guess, and I think Lisa or someone he really respected in general could knock him down a peg or two and force a little of the ego aside to get to the gooey center that he keeps a lot of walls up to hide. I gather the best way to show you is when we write that fic, then you can get an idea of the way my mind works and see what you think :P

I gots to send Jason a collection of your works, so he can read over your universe like I have and understand how you've developed them. Can I get that link to your archive again?

Sure, I'll look at what you write to get an idea. I guess what I'm not understanding is how to get from Point A to Point B when spanking's involved...if that makes any sense. Though I think I understand a bit better.

And yes, you're absolutely right about him hiding everything behind his ego. He does have a tendancy to lash out when poked or the ego's deflated, but Lisa can get away with a lot more than anyone else :>

The various 'verses are listed/linked here:

If he's looking for the ones from this particular RPverse, they're listed under "Fics based on another RPG".

I honestly just like your version of the characters whether it's in canon U or RPG U. Mostly I just like your dynamic and how you get intricately involved with what's going on in the character's heads as well as how that effects them physically and emotionally and how the other characters react to them. You keep a tinge of realism in the characters to see that human side, which I of course eat up! LOL! ;)

*blush* Well thank you, I greatly appreciate it :) I'm glad you enjoy my stuff!

And also, I'm very grateful to you for reading it. Thank you again.

I should be thanking you for writing it for me to enjoy! LOL! ;)

Honestly, you're doing me the greater favour :) So thank you.

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