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Fic -- Instruments of Destruction
Title: Instruments of Destruction
Rating: PG
Word Count: 171
Characters: Weather Wizard, Captain Cold, Mirror Master II, Trickster II
Summary:'ll see.
Warnings: A couple of bad words.
Notes: A very belated birthday gift for runenklinge! Her prompt was "Giant robots".

“Missed me by a mile!” Mark hooted, and couldn’t resist doing a mocking victory dance, which just made the others angrier.
“Shut up, ye great big bawbag,” spat the angry Scotsman, flipping the bird American-style at his comrade. He turned around and continued flailing at him, but couldn’t seem to find the target. Mark just kept making faces at him and easily dodging his blows.
“All of you shut up,” Len rumbled as he maneuvered his own controller with embarrassing clumsiness. Crash. So much for the Xbox.

“When’s my turn, I want my turn!” pleaded the whiny teen Trickster, jumping up and down with childish desperation. “You said I could play half an hour ago!”
“You’ll get it when we’re done, Axel!” the others declared in an exasperated chorus. This was far too much fun to stop now.
“…shit, guys, the window!”

Thus was the result of the Rogues putting together their considerable talents to build their own mechs. The hideout was a write-off, but at least the police were impressed.

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daddy!Rogues, gaming and then building own mechs - awesome!
I know I said awesoem twice (well, thrice now) but that's just how i feel^^

Glad you liked it! If you want another fic to make up for how short it is, just ask ^_^

i like it the way it is, don't worry. quantitiy doesn't make things automatically better - except for school essays, I instantly got As as soon as I started to write 10 page essays...I suspect that my teachers just didn't want to correct them and gave me good grades to make me not complain.
worked for me^^

All righty, I'll get on your next birthday present soon :D

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