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Fic -- Harsh Lessons
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Title: Harsh Lessons
Rating: R
Word Count: 600
Characters: Top/Golden Glider, Pied Piper/Trickster
Summary: A couple of jerks get what they deserve.
Warnings: Offensive language, profanity, violence.
Notes: Set in an RPverse. Warning for homophobia and homophobic comments. I wrote this a while back and sent it only to Katz. Now that I have a journal specifically for fic, I decided to post it (and probably other stuff I've been sitting on for a while).

Because the weather was lovely and the group had their afternoons free, the two couples decided to enjoy it at a downtown patio. Sitting in the sun while sipping their drinks, the atmosphere was cheerful and relaxed and even Roscoe seemed happy. He affectionately fed strawberries to Lisa as Hartley casually draped an arm over James’ shoulder.

“Hey fag!” a voice screamed out of nowhere as half an egg sandwich messily struck Hartley in the face.
“What the--?!” he sputtered angrily, wiping at bits of egg that went into his eye.
“Direct hit, dude!” cheered a man across the patio, and he and his friend jogged off while laughing and high-fiving.
James scowled darkly after them, quite unlike his usual happy demeanor. “Let’s show them a trick or two.”
“No,” Hartley muttered, looking down at his lap with anger and humiliation. Hands clenched into fists as he tried to calm himself. “They’re not worth it.”
“Like hell they’re not!” Roscoe barked, and before anyone could react, he was gone.

At his speed, it was only seconds before he had both men by the throat, shoving them roughly against a brick wall.
“You were extremely hurtful to my friend,” he growled as his hands tightened around their necks.
“Fucking queer!” one choked out, and Roscoe smiled at him -- a nasty, teeth-baring smile that was more threatening than friendly. His grip tightened until both men could no longer breathe, and their eyes bulged in alarm. One futilely kicked at him, succeeding only at making their captor laugh.

But then it occurred to him that Piper didn’t approve of murder, probably even the murder of stupid homophobes, and had wanted to ignore them. Roscoe didn’t agree with any of that, but supposed he’d get yelled at (at the very least) if he killed someone again. Even if they deserved it. So he loosened his grip with an annoyed grunt, and the red-faced men gasped as they took their first precious breaths of air.
“You are not getting away scot-free,” he informed them sternly. “You will apologize to my friend.”
“Fuck off!” one spat at him, and Roscoe let go of his throat long enough to break his shoulder. The other man stared at his screaming buddy and decided it was time to comply.
“Okay, okay, we’ll apologize!” he said frantically, now frightened almost to the point of wetting himself.

The two men were marched back to the Rogues’ table at the patio, where Piper had cleaned himself up and Lisa was waiting to deliver a lecture to Roscoe about not listening. A good shove reminded the men of what they were there for.
“We’re, uh, sorry,” said the one without a broken shoulder as his friend moaned in pain.
“Sorry about what?” Hartley demanded in a low voice, glaring daggers at the duo. James pondered some unkind thoughts about what he could do to them.
“Sorry we threw food at you and stuff,” the guy muttered, shuffling his feet uncomfortably.
“And the offensive slur..?”
“Yeah. Sorry about that too.”
“If I ever hear you doing that again -- and I have very good hearing -- I’ll do worse to you than he did,” Hartley told them in a calm but venomous tone, jerking a thumb in Roscoe’s direction. “Now get lost.”

Roscoe shoved them again, this time away from the table, and the men ran as fast as they could. They were absolutely terrified and had no desire to repeat this experience again. Five minutes later they were even more regretful about it, as that’s when they started to feel the effects of Trickster’s itching powder dumped down their pants.

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He's kind of a horrible human being (or at least a very messed up one), but fiercely protective of his friends. Which is good for them, bad for anyone who messes with them.

In RP, most of the Rogues despaired over his violent ways, which he couldn't quite understand. He thought he was doing them a favour by handling the dirty work, they felt differently. So by the time the RPG imploded, Hartley and Lisa were pretty much the only people still talking to him :> Had it continued he would have slowly started to reform, but the game ended before I could get to that point. But that's what fic is for!

Anyway, thanks for reading :)

Oh the itching powder to follow! XD Awesomeness my sweet! I totally hate homophobes! If only Roscoe could make a campaigne of this! XD

He would be utterly delighted to be able to punch the hell out of anyone he doesn't like :> But his friends are such killjoys, always saying stuff like "Stop killing people, Roscoe!" and "Violence doesn't solve all your problems!" ....sheesh :>

I love stories about the Rogues NOT trying to kill each other and actually sticking up for their friends.

You don't mess with the're lucky if they just kill you ;)

Exactly! It's okay if they're dysfunctional sometimes, but they are still a family. And certainly RPverse Roscoe is VERY protective of his family (and unfortunately violent to those who annoy him. He was rather infamous for it).

I like your RPverse Roscoe. I think I'd actually hang out with him (without fearing for my life...much ^^)

Most of the other characters despised him (he was the epitome of 'difficult'), but I always intended for him to grow and improve. The RPG ended before that really had a chance to happen, so I continued it in fic ^_^

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