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Fic -- The Few Comforts Of Home
happy Roscoe
Title: The Few Comforts Of Home
Rating: PG
Word Count: 445
Characters: Lisa Snart and Len Snart.
Summary: Remembering a cherished item from Lisa's past.
Warnings: Referenced physical and emotional abuse.
Notes: For Lisa Snart Appreciation Week Day 1: Snart Family Feels. Set in the CWverse, although it could easily fit into the comicsverse too.

It's the bicycle that always makes Lisa smile.

Her parents hadn't been around to teach her to ride it, and her father wouldn't have cared anyway. She was better off without his verbal abuse and occasional slaps whenever she made a mistake. Even Len hadn't had a lot of time to help her -- he worked several part-time jobs to support them when their dad was in jail or not around -- but he still made it a priority. He knew how much trouble she'd been having mastering it and how saddened she'd been to watch other children having fun on their bikes.

So Len went out with her to teach her balance and technique, holding on to the handlebars when she wobbled and bolstering her with encouragement. He told her that he knew she could do it, which was the first time she'd heard that from anyone, and it made her beam with pride. She was determined to show him he was right, and after a lot of scraped knees and a few tears, she finally succeeded. Even Len cried a bit as he watched his little sister riding on her own. He was so glad to see her joyful and feeling good about herself, but he was slightly saddened too; getting older and more independent widened the gulf between them just a little bit, and she was all he had. But he supposed that preparing a child for separation was the role of the parent, and he had become her surrogate parent. So he was doing well at the task.

As Lisa got older, he'd also taught her how to drive a car and then her beloved motorbike, and she’s always appreciated that. But she values the battered old bicycle and the time he spent helping with it more than anything else. Those had been the first moments she truly felt safe and happy, and were the warmest memories of an otherwise frightening childhood. Even as an adult criminal constantly on the move, she keeps that child's bike hidden away in her personal storage locker. It’s kept separately from her cache of stolen goods, as she can't risk the authorities confiscating and discarding it if and when they discover her ill-gotten loot. The personal locker contains her bicycle and a few cherished items from childhood, such as Len's small gifts to her and a bequeathed necklace from her mother, and she goes there occasionally to remember the good times. Rare as they were.

She adores her sleek motorbike and it's gotten her out of more than a few tight situations. But nothing means more to her than that old red bicycle.

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*hugs* I know I dropped a review on AO3, but I thought I would swing by here as well since I've kinda dropped out of the LJ community. There’s only a few people (like you) that I stick around for. I hope you are doing well.

Thank you, that's very sweet :D I've kind of dropped out of LJ as well, and I mostly just come here to post fic, to be honest. I know I should do better, but there's just so much social media these days that it feels like I'm being pulled in a hundred different directions...I'd imagine you can relate. Hopefully things will calm down now that DC TV shows are on hiatus, but we'll see.

Hope things are good with you! Got anything planned for the summer?

I've just been crazy busy with school and work that I just haven't had the energy to do so. I dropped away from most social media except, AO3 and DA. I never really was a huge FB person, so that's about the same flippancy I've always checked it (which is barely :P)

I watched the season finale of Flash, and I recorded the show with Cold (I'm sick, and it's alluding me at the moment, but you know the one ;) Anyway, it's on the DVR, and I'm hoping to watch it at some point this summer.

Yeah, I feel that. I find FB exhausting and a huge time sink. Ditto with Tumblr, although for fandom reasons I'm still there. But I've been taking more and more days off just to give myself a sanity break because that site is maddening. Still, I have to go back to FB sometime because so many family and friends are there...I just haven't had the energy. I've been finding my brain increasingly fried and I don't even have a freakin' job :P

Legends of Tomorrow! :D It's an interesting series and I've enjoyed it although I think Flash is the better show. Mick and Len are the best parts of it, TBH.

It really is, I honestly don't do much online outside of posting and reading fic or art these days. I've tried to get into FB before, but it's draining, and a lot of the stuff people post on their feeds make me groan and wish I hadn't seen it! LOL! (This is mostly stuff from family and co-workers) I feel you on the fried bit; I've been feeling that for a while.

Yes! Legends of Tomorrow... which I've still yet to watch! Oo I did think Len and Mick would be the best parts and the only real reason I planned to check the show out to begin with ;)

I enjoyed the Flash quite a bit! I've really become a Wells fan (the new Wells not Eboard)

I'm very much the same, actually -- a lot of friends and family were posting stuff that really made me groan too. Plus, it's a time sink. I will go back there sometime, I'm just waiting for a moment when I feel more chill. Life's been rather hectic lately, and will be for a while.

Heh, I know what you mean, it can be a lot of TV. I blog about Legends and Flash so I spend a lot of time doing that when the shows are on, and it can be a lot of work and another time sink. I actually wasn't watching any TV until Barry debuted on Arrow, and now I'm watching Arrow (it's bad but I can't get out of the habit), Flash, and LoT.

Tom Cavanagh's great :D When I was a kid a terrible Canadian B-movie filmed a few scenes on my street, which we kids spent a lot of time watching. I looked it up on on IMDB a while back and saw that it was Cavanagh's first role :D

Sorry things have been hectic for you :/ FB definitely is a time sink to be sure. Mind numbingly so with very little to gain from the time spent there.

I tried to get into Arrow when it first came out, but it just couldn't keep my interest. I dropped off of Smallville in S4 because there was too much other good stuff out there to keep watching it.

That's fun! XD Very awesome that you would have a piece of his history in your own =D

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