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Fic -- Birthday Queen
Title: Birthday Queen
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 900
Characters: Lisa Snart/Roscoe Dillon.
Summary: Lisa receives a special gift from her boyfriend.
Warnings: Non-explicit sex, light BDSM and Dom/sub. Basically non-explicit smut.
Notes: For spankingfemme's birthday!

It was the morning of Lisa’s birthday, and she was awakened by a slight nudge.
“Wha..?” she asked sleepily as she opened her eyes, only to be greeted by the sight of Roscoe holding a tray of breakfast…while wearing nothing but green and yellow striped briefs.
“Oh my God!” she exclaimed, hand over her mouth to cover a smile. “I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Happy birthday, darling!” he announced cheerfully as he placed the tray in front of her. “I hope you like chocolate chip pancakes!”
“You know that I do,” she grinned, eyes roving down towards the scandalously tiny briefs, “and I like your outfit too.”
He smiled. “Good, because it’s all I’ll be wearing for the day….well, except for this.” He handed her a small wrapped box which held a diamond bracelet hidden within, and then put a brand-new leather collar and leash around his neck. “What’s inside the box is one part of your gift, and I am another part. You’ve earned yourself a slave for the day.”

Lisa took hold of the loop at the end of the leash, studying it and then pulled on it slightly to gauge his reaction. He silently acquiesced, moving closer to her without a grimace, and a sly smile spread across her face.
“I think I’ll like having a slave,” she remarked with a little laugh, tugging harder on the leash to bring him close and kiss him roughly. “And now I want you to lie on your back in front of me so I can use those hard abs as a table.”

The rest of the day seemed to fly by with fun. Lisa had Roscoe strip off the briefs to do housework -- not because the place needed cleaning, but just because she wanted to watch him. She spent two hours enjoying the sight of her lover bending naked and straining at her command, and then finally jumped him on the floor of the living room.
“There are cuffs hidden under my side of the bed,” he murmured as she pinned him, and her eyes gleamed.
“You really did think of everything,” she whispered in his ear, licking the lobe as she got up and went to fetch her prize.
“I did,” he replied proudly as she cuffed his wrists and straddled him. He winked at her knowingly, but she was far too preoccupied to notice.


The clock chimed six in the evening, and Lisa rolled off him with a little giggle.
“Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever had a birthday that was so much fun. Like, ever in my whole life.”
“I will take that as a compliment,” he grinned, because it was the first birthday they’d spent together. She leaned in for a kiss, because he was still trussed up and wasn’t going anywhere.
“You should take it that way, baby, this has been amazing,” she told him softly, gently tickling his chest with a finger. “And you’re as hot as a sub as you are as a dom.”
“I like to please the lady,” he smiled at her. “You’re going to have to set me loose if you want me to get the cake, or you can find it hidden in the pantry if you want to keep me here.”
“There’s cake? This just gets better and better!” she chirped delightedly as she ran naked to the kitchen, returning a few minutes later with a big chocolate cake on a platter. “You’re going to have to lick this frosting off me, slave.”

The doorbell rang moments later, and she frowned. “Ugh, timing.”
“You’ll have to get it,” Roscoe reminded her, rattling his cuffs, and she dashed off to the bedroom to get a bathrobe. She opened the front door and was startled to see a handsome young man standing there.
“I’m looking for Lisa Snart,” he said pleasantly, and her eyes widened. He was cute.
“That’s me,” she replied in confusion, and he grinned broadly at her.
“I’m the entertainment for the evening. If you still want me here, that is.”
“Tell him to come in!” Roscoe called from the next room, and Lisa ushered the stranger inside and closed the door.
“Do you want to explain to me what this is all about?” she asked her boyfriend, making sure that the young man couldn’t see their little set-up in the living room.
“You’ve always said you wanted to have a threesome with two men, sweetheart, and that’s what Rick is for,” he replied with a slightly embarrassed smile. “He’s hired until midnight…if you like the idea, that is. If you’re not interested, then that’s fine and he can go. I think we can entertain ourselves no matter what.”

Feeling rather stunned, Lisa took a few moments to process this information.
“I can’t believe you’d do this for me,” she said quietly as she caressed his cheek, and he smiled.
“I love you, and want you to be happy.”
“I am happy, and I love you too. Thank you.”
They exchanged a lingering kiss, and then Lisa called Rick to join them in the living room.
“I’ve got no idea how I’m going to top this for your birthday, but I’m gonna try,” she muttered to her lover as Rick pulled off his shirt.
“Oh sweetheart, you know how to make a man happy,” he grinned at her pun, and then she muffled him with her thighs.

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It must have taken a lot of restraint for Roscoe to give in to be a sexual plaything for Lisa *evil grin* Of course my mind went right forward to the 'rest of the evening!' LOL! Mmm... You are so made of win my sweet! =D

Indeed :D I've always seen the two of them as switching roles because they're both so pushy and dominant that I doubt either would be content to always be a sub. Switching back and forth is a good compromise, and honestly I think both of them would enjoy subbing on occasion. You can see hints of it here and here and here. And at one point after Roscoe died, Lisa described him as having a "forceful voice", which she seemed to find attractive (she described it as something positive).

I'm pretty sure they had an amazing evening and you can certainly use your imagination :D Best birthday ever!

And thank you, I'm so glad you liked it!

I do! They do seem rather secure in their relationship (especially to want to do it geriatric style! LOL! XD)

Yeah, I'm guessing old Henry wouldn't be Lisa's first choice, but she was obviously glad to have Roscoe back regardless. Which is oddly touching, to be honest. It's also pretty interesting that they canonically have an open or at least flexible relationship, because he just seemed amused by the idea of her kissing and snuggling Barry. "Don't let him do anything I wouldn't do" indeed ;) Neither of them is particularly stable on their own, but they're oddly stable and healthy together, which is why I've always shipped them so hard. I love healthy villain relationships!

Honestly, it shows just how in love she was with him to not care that he was in a body with a man carrying raisnets for balls LOL! ;) I do think they were good for each other, and their kind of relationship (especially in comics) is very rare.

Pretty much, yeah :D She could have her pick of men but was still wanting to be with him when he looked like Henry :>

There's also no question that her other relationships weren't even remotely healthy, which is sad. It's a shame that DC decided to end their relationship and pair her up in some truly awful ones.

I guess they just preferred drama (and a reason to kill her to give Cold a revenge story *eye roll*) Don't get me wrong, I really like Lenny, but I'm not a fan of character death at all, and Geoff Johns seemed to use character death entirely too much to create a moving moment when he could have easily made it less... fatal for the same effect.

Johns is definitely kill-happy, although in Lisa's case he wasn't responsible for her death (that was Mark Waid). However, Johns DID say that he wanted her to stay dead to give angst/motivation for her brother, so he's almost as guilty when it comes to her.

I'm not sure what Waid was up to. He gave her all the new boyfriends, had her on the outs with her brother, and then killed her. And THEN he said on the internet "who the hell CARES about the Golden Glider, anyway?", for which I'll never forgive him. I guess he probably didn't know what to do with her.

I'll still never forgive him for killing Owen :( And yeah, I remember him saying that as well as Waid being an ass and saying that too.

Owen's death was stupid, no question. I don't know how much of it was Johns' fault and how much was an edict from higher up, though. Despite being pretty influential at DC, we do know that Johns fought against some major changes to the Flashverse and lost (he didn't want to bring Barry back, apparently). The problem with Owen is that he was handled very, very badly (nobody could decide if he was good or bad and he went back and forth forever), and that probably made DC decide to scrap him and go back to the classic.

I'll never understand why so many Rogues fans love Waid, because the dude hated all of them except Piper and Trickster. He barely used them, then killed them. He was openly contemptuous about Roscoe and Roy. Waid was a disaster for the Rogues aside from P&T.

I think what bothered me most about his death was that it was SO out of character! Because of the way he rode the fence, the choice he 'ultimately' made seemed very off. I thought the fact that he was undecided where he wanted to go gave him depth as a character, and it made him interesting and fun.

I didn't like how Waid killed P&T (especially since he used another one of my faves, Deadshot, to deliver the killing blow.)

No question, Owen was incredibly stupid in that story and it was OOC. It was bad just for that reason. I definitely don't defend the story, I just think there's a reason they decided to get rid of him, however foolish and badly handlded.

In fairness to Waid (because I'm not a fan, haha), he wasn't responsible for Countdown. That was a bunch of other creators, including Paul Dini and Jimmy Palmiotti. So you don't need to be annoyed at him for that reason.

LOL! You get off for that one Waid... JUST that one! ;)

I think you're right, they wanted to get rid of him, but it's still a source of irritation for me since I really liked his character.

Yeah, I hear that. I'm annoyed too and am not even a huge fan of him. Bad writing should be rejected no matter what.

I just make alternative endings to make myself feel better.

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