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Fic -- Two Adventures In Keystone
happy Roscoe
Title: Two Adventures In Keystone
Rating: PG
Word Count: 720
Characters: Roscoe Dillon/Lisa Snart, Hartley Rathaway.
Summary: A couple of short ficlets for your enjoyment.
Warnings: Slightly salty language.
Notes: Set in an RPverse.

Fighting Crime In Their Own Style

It was a quiet summer evening in Keystone, so Roscoe and Hartley took the opportunity to stroll and catch up on each other’s personal lives. They generally preferred to keep a business relationship during work hours at Hamelin, lest Hartley be accused of too much favouritism towards one of the company’s less-popular employees.

The peace didn’t last: a mugger with perhaps the worst luck in the world brandished a knife at them and demanded their money.
“Whatever will we do?” Hartley asked with poorly-feigned distress, pretending to look for his wallet but instead reaching for one of his sonic weapons.
“Just gimme the cash and you won’t get hurt, you crying babies. It don’t take much to scare you jerks.”

Scare, you say..?” Roscoe said with a chuckle. In moments, he’d used his telekinesis to levitate himself five feet above the ground, while a bright green glow from his eyes illuminated his face. “I can give you fear.” Small items around them began to rattle ominously, looking as though they might rise up to join their master.

The mugger stared at his would-be victims and the shaking objects with disbelief. “Jesus Christ!”
He finally ran down the street after a few moments of panicked indecision, looking back several times to make sure they weren’t chasing him.

The disturbances ceased as Roscoe gently lowered himself to the ground, laughing while he watched the man flee. “Sorry, I do not get the opportunity to do that often. I’d have given him a dose of vertigo, but would prefer not to see some idiot vomiting all over our shoes.”
Hartley was chortling with helpless glee. “Don’t ever apologize for something like that! I just wish you’d warned me in advance so I could have recorded it.”
“I’ll remember that for next time,” Roscoe grinned.

And that video was glorious.

Senses And Perceptions

Lisa had decided to make her own fashion accessories (so they would suit her style just perfectly, of course), and thus headed to the fabric shop with Roscoe in tow. He was there to offer a second opinion on her choices, but his attention quickly wandered to other activities.

“Which colour do you like best?” she asked as she held up two swatches of fabric, though he was keenly interested in something else. “Uh…hey? What are you up to?”
“Nothing,” he replied distractedly. But he was quite clearly touching several bolts of fabric, and reacting to each one with varying facial expressions of pleasure and distaste.

“Are you doing something skeevy?” she asked suspiciously, although he wasn’t offended by her tone.
“No. Oh, you should feel this one!” he declared with sudden enthusiasm, and she ran her hand over the cloth. It was silky and smooth, but didn’t seem like anything special to her.
“It’s great, isn’t it? I’m going to buy that one,” he said joyfully, even though he hadn’t previously expressed an interest in buying anything.
“Why do you want it?” she asked in confusion, watching him touch other fabrics on the rack. She couldn’t imagine what he’d do with it, and the pattern wasn’t very attractive.
“It feels wonderful! And now I’ll be able to touch it whenever I want.”

His fingers caressed a sample of corduroy and he looked absolutely repelled, quickly moving on to feel something else instead. And then Lisa remembered something she’d read in a book after his Asperger’s diagnosis, suddenly realizing that it all made sense.
“You’re seeking sensory input.”

He stopped momentarily to ponder her words. “Well…yes, I suppose I am,” he conceded. “But basically it just feels good. Why do you listen to your favourite albums or eat at a quality restaurant? That’s seeking sensory input too, but you’re really doing it because it feels good. This is no different.”
“It’s a bit weird, though.”
“I’m not hurting anyone. I do not care if people think it’s weird,” he shrugged, and resumed touching the fabrics.

Lisa smiled. She couldn’t deny that she found the habit odd, but he was right about it being harmless. And as she watched the delighted expressions on his face, it was even endearing. He was happy and staying out of trouble, which was more than enough for her. And maybe there was something to be learned from engaging in simple pleasures, so she went over to join him.

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Yay for fic awesomeness! :) Double the fun with more fics to read to! Roscoe had too much fun with that mugger LOL! Crooks you think would no better in a place like Central City they were a tad underclassed :P

As always, your Roscoe and Lisa fics are my faves! You write those two so fun! Cute that Roscoe is in need of sensory overload ;)

I tagged you in a few posts for some fun memes if you are interested :) I am still working to catch up my emails.... hoping to this week since I'm out of school for a few days

Thank you, glad you like it :D You'd think criminals in the DCU would understand that they have a good chance of running into someone tougher/more powerful than they are, but they sure don't seem to learn it :>

If you're interested in Roscoe/Lisa fics, I wrote another one a couple of months back. A big old sappy wedding :D

In this case, it's more like seeking sensory stimulation -- sensory overload tends to have pretty bad results (I tend to flip out when I hit overload, which happens more often than I'd like). But some sensory input feels really good.

I'll check them out, thank you :) Hope you're having an awesome time off!

LOL! Crime just doesn't pay unless you're a costumed villain... and even then it's rare :P

It's likely piled up in my 'to get to posts' I'm sorry it takes me forever sometimes to get to posts. I often go through my emails answering the ones I can answer quickly and saving the rest for later... the problem is getting to 'later' becomes difficult as more and more pile up :/ I am sure once I get the chance to read it, I will adore it especially centering around a sappy wedding *giggle*

I guess that depends on the sensory stimulation *evil grin* Sometimes the overload is welcome :P

I'm looking forward to catching up and getting an art trade done... we will see eh? ;) I will definitely make a point to check out that fic while I can! =D

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