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Fic -- Sins Of The Rogues
Title: Sins Of The Rogues
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2050
Characters: Len Snart, Lisa Snart, Mark Mardon, Roy Bivolo, Roscoe Dillon, Digger Harkness, Sam Scudder.
Summary: Brief studies on some character flaws.
Warnings: Some mention of domestic violence and death, all stuff covered in canon.


Len’s weakness for beautiful women was well known amongst the Rogues and the many ladies he wooed. He’d proposed to more women than he could count, seeking the love he’d missed during his childhood and a safe outlet for his desires. The objects of his affection rarely reciprocated the interest, however, so he frequently found himself alone and discouraged. It was quite humiliating, especially because the other Rogues had much more dating success than he did, and some even taunted him about it. He felt anger growing with his increasing sexual frustration, and that worried him: he feared he would turn into his violent father, and decided his previous tactics just weren’t working.

Once he’d finally realized he was never going to settle down with a woman, he turned to prostitutes to satisfy his needs. It was a way to get sex without the volatile emotional issues that had characterized his family life, something which he’d always suspected was sabotaging his attempts at a genuine relationship. He made certain he always treated the ladies right by acting kind and paying well, and sometimes even took them on paid dates as if they were real girlfriends. It settled some of his personal demons and ensured he was never truly alone, bringing him a measure of happiness during a period in his life which saw very little of it.


Digger had many vices, which were often a source of both amazement and disgust for the other Rogues. They openly wondered if he could commit every sin known to man within his lifetime, and general consensus was that he was well on track to succeed. Perhaps his history of excessive drinking paled in comparison to this, but it was one for which he was quite infamous. He drank regularly and usually too much, and wasn’t even good at holding his booze (which was secretly a source of shame to him). The other Rogues always egged him on so he felt no peer pressure to moderate his habit, and it was just plain fun. He loved telling drunk stories almost as much as the drinking itself.

As he grew older, his habits of excessive eating and drinking began to catch up with him, and the moderate exercise of his daily routine wasn’t enough to work off all the calories consumed. He started to gain weight, and was stubborn enough that he didn’t want to cut back his food and alcohol habits. The Rogues and other villains criticized his growing waistline and over-indulgence, but he didn’t care. It was his own life and he was determined to do what he wanted. Besides, guys in his line of work couldn’t expect to last too long anyway, so he liked to paraphrase “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die”. Digger had never really been one to read the Bible despite all his mother’s efforts, but he’d always seen great wisdom in those words. They were the ones he lived by right up until the very end.


Sam loved acquiring things, especially through theft. It had started as a mere vocation (burglar) and soon became a near-obsession. His adult life was spent in a continuous cycle of crime: creating inventions for robbery, followed by the grand performance of spectacular thefts, and then going to prison. It was all so important to him that he’d preferred to leave a world where he was worshipped as a king just so he could return to larceny; existence was simply too boring without the spice of living by his wits and taking things which didn’t belong to him. He didn’t even really care what the items were, just so long as he’d gotten something over everyone else.

Not that he didn’t appreciate the finer things in life, of course. His hoard of fancy mirrors was the envy and bane of museums and fellow collectors everywhere -- because it had originally belonged to them. He went to great lengths to steal any expensive mirrors which caught his eye, as he felt compelled (and entitled) to own them. His special collections were kept hidden in a pocket dimension, safely stashed away from caches of ordinary loot and the long arm of the law. It would have been devastating to lose them, so they were afforded extra protection that he didn’t even give himself. And thus they remained preserved there for eternity after he was killed, a silent testament to their master’s infatuation.


Mark lived a life filled with inertia and wasted potential. His older brother Clyde had spent years pleading with him to quit petty crime, but Mark couldn’t be bothered to get an education or a job; crime was easier, and paid fairly well. And Mark ultimately had the last laugh, because Clyde’s lifetime of work never benefited him personally and his shiftless brother simply waltzed in and took it all after his death.

Mark promptly spent the next few years wasting the new abilities granted to him by the weather wand. There were certainly crimes, and some were even a bit awe-inspiring, but he rarely did more than the same meagre thefts he’d always committed. Police files expressed the officers’ relief that he’d never decided to apply himself or dream big, as they were well aware of the havoc he could have caused. Despite having the power of a god, he was little more than an annoyance to the world.

That all changed when he met Blacksmith. She slyly lit a fire under him when she informed him of his son’s existence, banking on him finally getting the motivation to change his perspectives. But even then he lacked the drive and will to improve his skills, and once again it was she who taught him. In the end, Mark owed everything he’d ever accomplished to the hard work of Blacksmith and Clyde, and yet he rarely recognized this or understood that he could have done it himself. Drunken moments of self-reflection were the only times he truly realized what great heights he could have achieved if he’d applied himself…but those epiphanies soon passed, and it was easier to coast rather than struggle. Besides, he always had other things he’d rather do.


Roy’s life had revolved around resentment and yearning for as long as he could remember. Everyone else had things he believed he deserved for himself, and the desire burned so badly within him that he could almost taste it. He craved to experience the concept of colour as soon as he was aware of its existence, and it seemed tremendously unfair that he was denied. Other people -- such stupid, artless people -- could see colour, so why couldn’t he? It was a cruel injustice, and he often resentfully fumed that the ability should be taken from undeserving others and given to him instead.

When he grew older, he found a new source of bitterness: his lack of success. Hacks like Paul Morris stole from him while he languished in obscurity, and he watched people with half his skills eclipsing his own career. Others got fame and fortune, and he was simply laughed at. Why didn’t people understand his talent, and why didn’t he get the recognition he deserved? It wasn’t fair, and he would have done anything to take what was rightfully his. Eventually he became a supervillain and attained a small measure of the fame he’d craved, but it wasn’t the same -- and people still laughed at him anyway. He seemingly couldn’t excel at anything, while other villains commanded fear or respect with barely an effort. There were times when he hated his fellow Rogues for their success, but he still wanted to be accepted as a colleague…because perhaps their reputation would rub off on him.


Lisa had been hurt by many things in life, both physically and emotionally. She’d been beaten by her father, her mother hadn’t protected her, and then her brother Len walked out and left her alone with their abusive dad. Everyone who was supposed to care for her had let her down in some way. She could have been crushed by it all, but quickly learned to cope with her feelings via anger. That made things hurt less and it was better than being a victim, and ultimately drove her to escape her awful home and forge a successful career. For a time she didn’t need the anger at all, and it began to fade. She mostly forgave her brother and was finally happy as a world-renowned skater in a loving relationship, which taught her that people didn’t always have to hurt each other. Life was good.

But it didn’t last. Soon her boyfriend was dead at the apparent hands of the Flash, and she quickly threw away everything she’d worked for in order to get revenge. It didn’t matter what Len told her about the futility of the scheme, because she was going to make the Flash hurt as much as she did. Rage drove her to extreme acts of attempted murder and near-suicide, but it was never enough. She hated the Flash for taking everything good from her life, and used him as a proxy for all the pain she’d suffered long before meeting him. The anger kept her from breaking down completely over the cruelty and hurt she’d endured, and it kept her going. She needed it to survive.

She found herself temporarily adrift once the Flash had died from unrelated causes. There was nothing to continue fuelling her, but by then she’d dealt with much of her grief and had learned to cope. She was on a permanent hunt for her father and planned to kill him if he was ever found, but he managed to stay hidden and eventually even her determination for that began to fade. It seemed pointless to obsess over it, and she decided she could perhaps move on and be happy again with a new series of boyfriends. Too late did she realize that the anger could have kept her safe, and unfortunately she didn’t live to regret the mistake.


Few people doubted that Roscoe had much to be proud about, but most faulted the lengths to which he took it. He was renowned for an overbearing arrogance and disdain for those deemed inferior (which was nearly everyone), while his gloating and snide attitude rarely endeared him to others.

It was because of this behaviour that not many people took time to understand the source of his pride. His intellect and raw powers were obviously great, and he had built dozens of technological wonders. But people rarely discerned his immense pleasure at being self-made and independent, having taught himself everything he knew about science and the art of spinning. And although he would never admit it to anyone else -- not even Lisa -- he was most proud of no longer being a failure. In his younger days, he hadn’t lived up to his parents’ expectations of academic success and smooth social skills, which was a bitter disappointment to the entire family. He’d always been painfully mediocre, and wasn't even good at the basics of petty crime. His whole life had been defined by inadequacy until he decided to become the Top, and then suddenly everything began falling into place: he learned all he needed to know, and soon his intelligence had considerably increased. He was now the achiever he’d always been pushed to be, and felt intense satisfaction at his personal triumph. He basked in the respect and envy received from others.

However, the problem with pulling yourself up by the bootstraps is the nagging fear that it will all disappear. One day he could revert back to average intelligence, and perhaps his psionic powers might fizzle out or he’d lose the ability to spin. But he was determined to prevent that from happening, and jealously hung on to belief in his own accomplishments because no one was allowed to see his weaknesses. Piercing his armour could take away everything he’d ever worked for, so he maintained some distance from others with his arrogance. He could build a nuclear bomb, spin at super-speed, rewrite another person’s mind, and distinguish between vintages of wine; he knew he was better than everyone else. He just had to be.

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These are great! It always amazes me how well you dig in to the psyches of these characters to pull out such raw emotion with saying as little as two paragraphs. You truly are a magnificent writer my sweet :)

Thank you very much, that's so kind of you to say :D These kinds of pieces are really interesting to me, although they can be challenging (maybe that's why they're interesting!)

Yes! A challenge is much better than the mundane any day :) With my stories, I always enjoy finding ways to incorporate a spanking that feels canon (at least to me!) and that can be a real challenge! =D Did you ever check out any of my stuff? I can't remember if you'd gotten around to it or not. If you don't want to, that is fine to. I know the subject matter can get a little prickly and definitely angsty ;)

I haven't read your stuff but I keep meaning to. Life's been...weird lately, I'm hoping to settle in and get back to normal soon. At least I'm writing again, it'd been three months since I'd written anything.

And the fic I'm writing (I've just finished the first draft) was definitely challenging :> I suspect not many people will read it...not that many people read my regular stuff...but it was nice to stretch myself and do something VERY different.

I was worried about you since you hadn't posted in a while, but I didn't want to bother you if you just needed space from LJ. If you don't mind me asking, what's been going on?

I'm always super pleased to hear that you are writing! =D I have been writing up a storm! Co-writing a fic for Gotham currently!

As for the comments, don't feel too bad. Most stuff I post here doesn't even get '1' comment, but whatever. I'm not unhappy I wrote it either way ;)

Oh, a lot of tiresome shit :\ I had a bladder infection which kind of wiped me out, a bad arthritis flare-up which made it nearly impossible to type, my cat was sick, and then our vet died suddenly. Plus there's this person who's been laying all of her shit on me for months, which makes all of her problems MY problems and has been stressing me out, and I had a depressive episode. Things have just been unpleasant and I'm trying to minimize my stress...which isn't really working.

Thank you :) I'm glad to hear you're writing too -- I guess Gotham really caught your interest! Though I love the Flash TV series I haven't felt inspired to write fic for it yet...maybe when we've seen more episodes. Lisa will debut soon!!

Well, it's kind of a bad thing when you post fic on a fanfic-only site and people still don't want to read it. I posted one story on Halloween and it only has 24 views. I mean, if you/I post here (and LJ's dying anyway) people might not be interested in fic and not read it, but people only go to a fic site to read fic and they still don't care. And then I watch friends writing fic in the same fandom and it gets an order of magnitude more interest than the stuff I post. It's depressing and I don't know what it says about my work.

*hugs* Sounds like you need a friend to unload on yourself to help get a little de-stressed :) I'm sorry you've been feeling down and having a hell of a time. Having to deal with a bunch of crap like that can definitely depress you :/ You know, you can always write me outside of LJ if you ever just want to chat. You're my friend, and I care about what's going on with you *hugs*

Yes! Gotham has! Or Oswald has LOL! I love 'redeeming' him LOL! XD On the serious tip, it's got a lot of fun stuff going on that I'm enjoying that isn't Oswald, but yeah, Oswald kind of keeps we squealing for more ;)

I'm liking the Flash as well. What did you think of Hartley's debut? I look forward to seeing Lisa, I wasn't as impressed with their Cold and Heat Wave, but they haven't given us anything to really develop the characters yet either. I do like the cast and I'm wondering how long it'll take before Wells is unmasked =D

It's hit and miss with me really. I can be a fan favorite for some of my stuff, and with other stuff never hear a whisper. Honestly I think it's in the 'who' and the 'what' we write over the actual skill of the writing we have.

You write about old school characters that a lot of the newer fans have moved on from or are not their 'favorites' so they don't read your stuff simply skipping over it without ever giving it a chance. For me, it's also about 'who' I'm picking and the fact that I'm writing about spanking that tends to put people off.

It's sad, but I guarantee if you decided tomorrow to write a shit ton of say, Nightwing or the Supernatural brothers fics you would have fans crawling up your rear you wouldn't know what to do with them all... Don't ever doubt your talent baby. You are an excellent writer. If you want to prove it, just write a fic about one of the 'in' characters in the lovely way you do and watch them flock in droves to you.

I don't write about anyone that I'm not interested in writing about, and because of that, my 'ratings' will always fluctuate to hit or miss. I used to get really down and out about it to, but now a days I've grown apathetic to it. Fuck them, I create to please me not them, and you should to. *hugs*

Yeah, it's been difficult and I can't keep taking on this person's problems because it's leaving me stressed and emotionally exhausted. If you go on this person's Facebook they're all laughing and smiles while pouring out all their misery on me, which I'm starting to resent. And thank you, I'll keep that in mind :) I'm having a lot of trouble typing again due to arthritis, so my typing's currently at a minimum.

I still haven't watched Gotham, but it sure seems like Oswald's the main draw. That's the thing most people seem to like, at least (and is the only aspect I'm personally interested in from promos and such).

Hartley really weirded me out because I honestly think he's basically a clone of Roscoe. It's an odd creative choice, to say the least, and probably my least favourite so far (in part because I wonder what role will be left over for Roscoe himself). I did love Mick and Len. I don't know how many spoilers you know or want to know, but we're getting some other Rogues in the near future too.

I do get more interest when I write about Piper, Trickster, or Len, but the spike still isn't as big as I might have thought. I dunno. Maybe nobody even wants to give my stuff a try even when they see that a story's about characters they like. I get that no one outside Rogues fandom wants to read my stuff, but it's a bummer when people within in don't seem to care either. I guess they'd like it if I was writing a lot of slashy porn :>

Anyway, I appreciate the support, thank you :) It still gets me down, but I guess I'm still writing so there's that.

I guess they are using you as their person psychiatrist by the sounds of it... if all she gives in the relationship is negativity, then it might be time to distance yourself. Maybe respond less until she just stops feeling like she's getting the attention she's seeking and moves on. That's an indirect method if you still want to remain friendly. Otherwise you could outright tell her that the level of negativity she lays at your feet is depressing and that you'd rather if she wants to share her problems with you that she equally share the positives because it's straining the relationship. Of course you could also all out just stop contact, but that can be a bit extreme...

My husband started taking Mobic (spelling?) for his arthritis, and it seems to be helping. Are you taking anything for it?

Oh man! If you can get the chance to watch it, I think you'd like it :) The actor that plays Oswald is really good at drawing you in for sure ;)

You thought he was a clone of Roscoe? His abrasive nature and feeling well above those around him? I do hope that they will bring Roscoe in to the mix soon and that they won't change his character in to something unrecognizable for you :/

You can spoil me ;) I look forward to seeing the rogues come together as a full fledged team.

Yeah, slashy porn would get you a lot of fans. I look at it like this, I'm super picky about the stuff I read thinking quite a bit of the regular stuff that gets posted to be either boring, unimaginative, or has such horrible writing that I cringe away. I'm not in to slash at all unless the characters are actually more prone towards the predilection (like Hartley/James or Harley/Ivy) I can see it in canon, and I can accept it. Characters like say Cold, Roscoe, Lisa? I just don't really see them as anything but heterosexual, so someone writing the character in slash strikes me as wrong and makes the fic unenjoyable. But again, if people want to read/write it? More power to them.

Before I get way off track though, that said, I see my own very narrow window of likes and figure if I like so little out there, it's really no wonder why so little like what I do LOL! If that makes any sense at all :P

I'll always be here for you my sweet *hugs* I hope you'll be feeling inspired to write more again soon.

As it was, I stopped talking to her because I didn't know how to confront her. I guess I'll start talking to her again eventually, but I suspect she's going to keep laying all the shit on me unless I confront her. I'm also inclined to think she's exagerrating or possibly even making up some of her problems. It's...emotionally draining regardless. I'm not a psychiatrist and I don't know how to cope like they do.

I've not heard of Mobic, and I didn't know he had arthritis! What kind does he have? I don't take anything for it aside from Aleve or Advil when it gets really bad...I take so many meds that I try to minimize the amount I take.

Yeah, he was highly intelligent and an engineer like Roscoe, he was abrasive and had a superiority complex, and he liked to play people against each other for his own ends. They could not have made Hartley more like Roscoe if they'd tried. And yes, for that reason I share your concern about there not be a quality role for Roscoe if/when he debuts :\

Okay, Mark will be in the next episode (which doesn't air until March 17th). Lisa will be in the next ep after that, and then we're getting James and Axel in the ep after that :D So lots of Rogues coming up, although we have to wait a few weeks.

I've got no problem liking what they like, even if it doesn't appeal to me (and I agree, seeing characters mashed into a role that doesn't suit them in canon is not my thing. Not unless the writer is doing that for a specific purpose, like to explore different concepts -- "what if Digger was gay, how would he be different?" for example. "I want to see Digger having sex with dudes" doesn't count). I just wish people didn't seem to shun anything that doesn't suit their personal likes. And also that fandom wasn't so biased against het stuff and canon relationships.

My fic is getting the polishing touches right now -- hopefully it can be posted Sunday night or maybe Monday. And hopefully you like it :)

I think you're making a smart choice by avoiding that person if only for your own mental health.

That's what Jason used to take as well, but it just wasn't doing the job. He has mild rheumatoid I think? He didn't want to take any meds, so the doctor found one that would do the least damage to his system. He had a touch of stomach issues and diarrhea for the first couple weeks, but that cleared up, and it's been working really well for him now. You should ask your doctor about it, it might help you as Aleve and Advil prolonged usage can hurt you as well :/

You think they blended the characters to 'cut the casting' then? Hmm :/

Yay Mark next week! =D I knew they were going to bring the Zoom story to a head with Wells from the previews, so very cool to hear that we are also going to have quite a few rogue cameos to come! :)

I can like it if it's well written and I can believe it. I feel the same way if someone wrote Hartley as a straight character... but like you, someone exploring a topic can be fun, but I'm not interested in a 'just because the author wants to see it' and it has no connections written to make it viable to the reader.

Yay! =D I can't wait to read it! And I'm sure I will. I have yet to read anything from you I haven't liked ;)

Thanks. I feel like I'm cutting her loose when she needs me, but I don't think it's a healthy need. I think she's been using me as a surrogate for a therapist and not actually addressing her own problems. When I make a suggestion, she just ignores it or says she can't do it, etc.

Ah, rheumatoid is a different disease (and much worse) than what I have. And I definitely agree about taking too much Aleve and Advil, but I really only take them a few times a month. I think I'm generally doing okay.

It's possible. I think we'll probably get a Roscoe (whether it's actually him or just Turbine), but he may not be recognizable. He may just get rammed into a particular role to suit the writers, just as Hartley arguably was. So I wouldn't be surprised if he's very, very different.

Well, alas we have to wait until March 17th for Mark, but I'm looking forward to it :D Zoom will be there too, and there'll be a Zoom-focus episode in Ep 19, I believe.

Don't get me wrong, people can write/draw whatever the hell they want and it's basically none of my business. I just don't enjoy a lot of the more out-there stuff, if that makes any sense.

This one's pretty different, so I'm honestly not sure what people will think of it. I wanted to do something very different from my usual stuff. I'm afraid people will have a "WTF is that?" response to it, but I guess people don't usually read my stuff anyway so no great loss.

Enabling that kind of behavior isn't good for either of you. I think you're doing the right thing.

A few times a month can still be a drain though. Glad it isn't too bad though.

Hopefully if they use the name Turbine, his personality will at least be Roscoe's :/ *crosses fingers that they don't wreck his character for you*

I can't wait either! It'll be here before we know it ;)

Oh yeah, I totally agree!

It was a lot of fun :) I still felt the personalities of the rogues with the mix of the ancient times setting which was a neat dichotomy :P

Yeah, I love the show but I'll throw a freakin' shitfit if he turns out to be Turbine. I hope Johns has more taste/sense than to do that...not that he ever had any love for Roscoe.

Heh, I try not to think about it for that reason :>

Thank you. Though given how unpopular it is so far, I guess there probably won't be a sequel :P

Yeah, I imagine it'll be quite a downer if they do that :/ If I were you I'd assume the worst and hope for the best to keep you from getting too disappointed :(

I like it well enough *pout* but I can understand if you're not motivated to write a sequel. It was still a fun read either way.

That's what I've been doing, yeah...I find that's the best practice whenever something related to Roscoe is involved. I'm so often disappointed that I tend to expect the worst now.

Thank you, I'm very glad you liked it :) That does mean a lot to me!

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