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Fic -- Training
Title: Training
Rating: R
Word Count: 362
Characters: Lisa Snart/Roscoe Dillon.
Summary: Uncovering a hidden truth.
Warnings: Smutty, aspects of BDSM.
Notes: For spankingfemme's birthday! I wanted to do something different with the theme, and hopefully this is something you like.

Smack. Smack. Roscoe winced with each blow, but he was a longtime supervillain and accustomed to being struck. This was nothing compared to a super-speed punch from the Flash. Still, it was humiliating: how many Rogues could say they were spanked by their girlfriend? If they were, they certainly never talked about it, and he didn’t tell the guys either. He’d never hear the end of it if the Rogues knew the big bad Top got spanked by Captain Cold’s little sister. And he definitely wasn’t going to tell them that he liked it.

Oh, there was no question that he yelped and complained about it, and often sulked afterwards. That was what she expected of him. But he was considerably bigger and stronger than Lisa and didn’t have to put up with anything he didn’t want, and yet he let her do it. He even acted out sometimes in the hope that she would put him over her knee, and she rarely failed to oblige. He didn’t want to admit that he enjoyed the humiliation, because it was not a thing tough Rogues did -- at least not in public. Scratch the surface of many supervillains and you’ll find a personality which continuously comes back for defeat, and thus the masochism in their private lives becomes somewhat more understandable. It’s just a question of whether they accept and embrace it.

Smack. Smack. The blows had really begun to sting, and a few inadvertent tears ran down his cheeks.
“Have you learned your lesson yet?” Lisa scolded as she paused momentarily.
“Yes,” Roscoe said quietly, and she slapped his rear even harder. A slight grunt escaped his lips.
“Yes, what?” she demanded.
He swallowed nervously, feeling decidedly uncomfortable about his arousal and aware that she must have known about it too. His hips were pressed firmly against her lap, after all.
“…yes, Mistress.”
Lisa ran her fingers up his spine and he involuntarily arched his back in response. “That’s better, baby,” she cooed sweetly. “You’re finally getting the hang of this.”
Then she spanked his ass again and he allowed himself a pleasured groan.

It was time to embrace his inner desire.

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Yay! This is fantastically hot! XD I can see someone like Roscoe needing to be reeled in especially when he's so arrogant and self important outside of the bedroom, he inwardly would likely need to feel like he was being put in check by the one person that he truly cared about :)

Thank you so much for writing this for me my sweet! :) I'm totally going to share it in my upcoming post! =D

Certainly there's only one person he'd take it from ;> And they definitely had an interesting relationship, what with him totally unbothered by her making out with other men and going on about how hot they are. I kind of get the feeling they may switch between dom and sub, though, because at other times he seemed a bit more dominant. Lisa once mentioned his "forceful" voice. And neither has the kind of personality to completely submit.

Still, I do think there are aspects of masochism in a lot of villains (and definitely aspects of domination in others. This has always been an interesting scene, although I doubt Roscoe is at all sexually interested in the Flash).

And you're so welcome, I'm glad it's to your liking :D

I love seeing snippets of these two, and Lisa does seem the type to like to be romanced and also willing to turn on you like a viper if you piss her off! The fact she had an abusive father likely will make her have some leanings to BDSM (I know it did for me) With Roscoe his need for acceptance and insecurities feels very submissive as is wanting a very strong woman that knows what she wants out of life. But that is just me taking a quick look from my perspective :P

Yeah, I think Lisa probably gets pretty hellish when crossed :> I honestly wanted to see her rain more brimstone on Mazdan when he impersonated Roscoe (in the end, all she did was steal his weapon away so Flash could defeat him). She was pretty pissed when she heard about it.

I do think they complement each other very well and are very good for each other, which is why I ship them so hard. Both seemed a lot more stable when with each other than apart, and both have a lot to offer the other. I think you're spot on about their backgrounds playing in to what they're looking for in life.

I really like these two mainly BECAUSE you ship them so hard! LOL! I don't have a lot of the back history outside of reading up on these two, so most of their lore I've learned through you. Your stories are my canon ;)

One of these days I will have to write a story with these two just because you always stoke my imagination to. :P

Aw thank you :3 They don't have a lot of appearances together unfortunately, but I'm very fond of what we did get. It's a bummer that she didn't debut until after he was dead!

Awesome, I'd love to read it! :D

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